MyDataIsLeak is a comprehensive platform designed to provide data breach analytics and help users determine if their personal data has been compromised. The website offers a simple interface where users can enter their email to check if it has been involved in a data breach. With a vast database of over 52 million URLs and more than 504 million accounts (Jun 2023), MyDataIsLeak is a robust tool for assessing personal data security.

The primary objective of this project is to identify and report active threats to computer security and personal data. It collects and analyzes data on virus threats and stealers, and scrutinizes data theft incidents. This information is then reported to government intelligence agencies to help combat cyber threats.

In addition to its core services, MyDataIsLeak also offers up-to-date information on compromised logins to potential owners of the resource. Special services from any country can also reach out for more detailed information about the data on this resource.

Please note that the website is committed to privacy and has a dedicated privacy policy to ensure the protection of user data.

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