Critic vulnerability in Commerce and Manufacturing products fixed by SAP


SAP is the kind of the application in the which there is the involvement of the critical business in the
systems that is depends on the daily basis of the operations also they must be secured as the most
inseparable part of the organization to ensure the overall security of all the operations of the
organizations. In so many of the organizations ,the SAP can be used as the kind of the data center that is present there as the blind spot of the security terms and teams where the the system of the SAP
systems can easily operate as the outside silk in which the control and visibility of the security terms is

This will also increase the chance of the risk of the attack and make the ERP and the SAL and the
other SAP applications as the most prime target for the attackers out there. There are so many serious issues faced by the SAP applications that is specifically cyber security threats that include a large number of unauthorized access ,data leaks ,fraud ,exploiting and tampering of the data, this attacks on the SAP systems have the most destructive and devastating impact on all the business processes and procedures that is directly result in the reputational and financial of the business. These are the problem that must be cater from external and internal to protect the cyber threats to maintain availability ,integrity and also the confidentiality of the business and organizations SAP mentions the following two methods of the clear mitigation of the CVE that is; Filtering the malicious of the HTTP request : SAP lists directives that can also prevent the commerce SAP from processing the the requests that altered and also instead of the reply with the actual code of 404. Disabling the affected OAuth extension in which all the extensions actually reply in this integration.